International Ship and Offshore Structures Congress 2018
9-13 September Liege - Belgium  &  Delft - The Netherlands

Action Who To whom Deadline Status
Nominate members and chairmen SC members 2015-09-01 done
ISSC - website Chairman   2016-01-01 done
Confirmation of membership Members   2016-08-01 done
First Progress Report CC Secretary 2016-08-01 done
Organization of First SC+CC+COR meeting Secretary   2016-09-01 done
Final Mandates SC CC 2016-09-01 done
Finalize Publishing Company Chairman   2016-09-01 done
Selection of venue ISSC 2021 SC   2016-09-01 done
Finalize Membership Chairman members 2016-10-01  
Template and publishing requirements Chairman CC 2016-10-01  
Second Progress Report CC Secretary 01/08/17  
Organization of Second SC+CC+COR meeting Chairman   11/09/17  
Contacting and nomination of OD SC OD 01/11/17  
Draft Committee Report CC SC Liaison 04/12/17  
Review of committee report by Liaison SC Liaison CC 08/01/18  
Final Camera Ready Report CC OD + Chairman 05/02/18  
Member Evaluation Form CC Secretary 01/03/18  
OD report OD CC + Chairman 15/03/18  
Propose observers for ISSC 2021 SC+COR Secretary 02/04/18  
Invite observers for ISSC 2021 Chairman Observers 16/04/18  
Distribute I & II Volume Chairman members 01/06/18  
Deadline congress registration All   01/06/18  
Answers to OD CC Chairman 01/07/18  
Congress Presentations CC+OD Secretary 01/09/18  
Attend Congress 2018 All   10-14 Sep 2018